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New Model

Shogun 43

The Shogun 43 will premiere in 2021. Like the Shogun 50, the design is contemporary with innovative features and a contrast of classic elements. Built in carbon, it will be quick and smart, made for both racing and cruising. The Shogun 43 will make the same statement in the water as the Shogun 50.

One of many unique things for the Shogun yachts is the design process, which is more similar to the one for cars, where there is a higher focus on product design and user experience. All details, like the shape of the shearline, the look of the bow and form in the cockpit, are all designed to work in harmony with each other. All these details make the yacht more user-friendly regarding to both racing and cruising. Still, the yacht’s weight will be kept extremely low. This modern approach to boat building requires the boatyard to continuously innovate new technologies during the process of building the Shogun yachts. Therefore, the Shogun models are on the forefront of technology and innovation in the market of performance cruisers. A great partnership with Rosättra Boatyard in cooperation with Marstrom Composites, Waxholm Composites and North Sails makes this possible.

The Shogun 43 is designed by Oscar and Håkan Södergren and will be built by Rosättra Boatyard (Linjett Yachts). It will be built in carbon with vacuum infused epoxy and sandwich laminates. The interiors will have a finish of both carbon and oak and the ability to be highly customized.

Press Release


  • LOA

    13.0 m

  • LWL


  • Beam


  • Displacement

    6330 kg

  • Draft

    2.4 / 2.7 m

  • Sail Area (M+J)

    116.55 sqm

  • Main Sail

    62.75 sqm

  • Jib

    53.8 sqm

  • Category


  • Yacht Designer

    Oscar & Håkan Södergren

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